Hypersonic Pinot Noir Bottle

Pinot Noir

When we replanted the southern part of our ranch in 2016, one block was particularly appealing due to its gentle slope and western-facing aspect. We decided to plant this block with Mt. Eden clone of Pinot Noir, which is somewhat similar to Calera, with smaller clusters and berries with a slightly different flavor profile. We have been very pleased with how this clone has performed and for the first time, in 2021, we decided to bottle it as its own single-block reserve wine. The name Hypersonic is derived from two artworks on property: Doug Aitken’s Sonic Mountain, which sits just east of this block, and Yang Bao’s Hyperdrive, a musical composition that he composed for a live performance at our Estate, which took place just north of this block. The musical nature of both pieces speaks to the harmony and vibrancy of our Hypersonic Pinot Noir.