In the Spring of 2021, we re-opened the doors to our newly renovated Donum Home reconfigured by award-winning Danish architect David Thulstrup. The original design was conceived by Matt Hollis of MH Architects of San Francisco. Hollis’s conception for the Donum Home was to create a space for guests to enjoy the complexity of Donum’s wine while enjoying the natural beauty of our Carneros Estate.

David Thulstrup has an extensive portfolio of designing architectural masterpieces worldwide. His practice is rooted in melding his Scandinavian values of honesty and humanism with an emphasis on materiality. By using locally sourced materials for the Donum Home, Thulstrup pays homage to California authenticity. This is highlighted even in the selection of custom furniture introduced to the Donum Home, such as a stone table made of California granite and a wooden table made of American walnut.

In all of David Thulstrup’s architectural interventions, his objective is to promote an atmosphere that celebrates prosperity and tranquility. When guests walk through the doors of the Donum Home, they are welcomed by the natural sunlight that emanates through the glass ceiling and doors protruding out to the rolling hills of Sonoma. Thulstrup states that “being Scandinavian, I naturally cherish light, and how it changes throughout the course of a day – an element that I have put focus on for the interior of the Donum Home.

During the Donum Home’s renovation, owners Mei and Allan Warburg had the opportunity to refocus on the Donum Collection by rehanging artworks and introducing new acquisitions to the Home, such as Tracey Emin’s “Another 30 Years”, a hand-blown glass vase by Danish sculptor Lene Bodker, and three mirrored balloons by Jeppe Hein that suspend from the ceiling of the Great Room. The balloons highlight the open concept of the Donum Home and offer guests a moment of unexpected joy to immerse themselves in its natural setting. “Visitors may notice three balloons dangling from the ceiling. Look up and smile! Their mirrored surfaces reflect the surroundings of the Donum Home and you at the same time, so you become a part of the artwork”, states artist Jeppe Hein.

“The reimagined Donum Home crowns our 20th Anniversary celebration and we are thrilled to invite our loyal Donum members and guests to explore this new space. The Home offers the ideal setting to welcome guests and offer an escape from the everyday with a variety of intimate wine tastings complemented by the opportunity to explore the evolving Donum Collection of art,” states Angelica de Vere Mabray.

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