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Makers' edition 2022

Donum has inspired a global community of artists. We want to continue to work with the great thinkers and makers of our time indefinitely.

- Mei and Allan Warburg,
Donum Owners

Explore this exclusive collection that celebrates a commitment to

community, craft, quality and the pursuit of excellence.

Taste of Donum

Indulge in Donum's terroir-driven wines that reflect the energy and complexity of some of the most celebrated regions in Northern California including the Russian River Valley, Carneros and Anderson Valley.

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"We're committed to making wines that are transparent to their terroir or sense of place," says Dan Fishman, VP of Winegrowing and Vineyards, celebrating his 10th harvest this year as Donum winemaker.

"Each of these Estate vineyard locations has a signature taste profile for you to discover."

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Gift of Donum

Our first, single vineyard Blanc de Blancs is an energetic sparkling wine made from our Carneros Estate old-vine Chardonnay grapes bringing a richness and finesse with incredible structure and brightness.

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On the label of the inaugural vintage of the Donum Blanc de Blancs is Subodh Gupta's "People Tree", a 10-meter-high stainless-steel banyan tree with utensils as leaves, now located high on a hill in the back of the Donum Estate property overlooking the majority of its Carneros ranch.

Gupta is currently regarded as one of the most successful contemporary Indian artists and has contributed to multiple works of art within The Donum Collection.

20th Anniversary Duo

Discover the beautifully-balanced and complex single-vineyard, single-appellation Carneros Pinot Noir and Russian River Valley Chardonnay, alongside flaked sea salt with organic Estate lavender and purposefully selected Donum accessories for your next culinary adventure.

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Our bundles make the perfect gift for your team or clients. If you are interested in custom options for your business, please contact a Donum associate to curate your unique gifting package.

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More than 3,500 fragrant lavender bushes are evenly spaced in gently curving rows near the center of Donum's Carneros Estate. This gift of the land as imagined by Mei Warburg is gently harvested throughout summer and utilized by the Donum team to make a variety of items like Estate soap, culinary salt, dried bundles and wreaths.

Carneros Splendor, 2017 West Slope Pinot Noir Magnum

This vintage marks one decade of this vibrant Pinot getting its namesake from the prized west-sloping vineyard block that is one of the warmer areas within the Carneros Estate property.

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"The cooling Carneros breeze, which flows from San Pablo Bay across the Sonoma Valley and through the Donum Estate, is a vital component of the quality of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that grow here and of the prized wine that they produce. The wind also unites the growing collection of sculptures that are placed around the estate's gentle slopes."

Donum Gift of the Land book featuring essays written by Clare Lilley, Pico Iyer and James Laube, presented in a custom bound, grape leaf paper book, produced and printed in Verona, Italy.

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